Armenia: Imprints of a Civilization

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Armenia: Imprints of a Civilization



Author - Auteur - հեղինակ


Date - Datum - տարեթիվ

Language - Langue - Taal - Լեզու


Pages - Paginas - Էջեր


Publisher - Editeur - Editor - Խմբագիր

Published on the occasion of the celebrations of the fifth centenary of the publication of the first book printed in Armenian characters in Venice in 1512, this volume celebrates the highest achievements of Armenian civilization in the spiritual, artistic, architectural, economic and of thought.

Ancient stelae with engraved crosses, vividly colored miniatures, sacred architecture and precious reliquaries kept for centuries guide the reader into the discovery of medieval Armenian civilization.

Significant attention is paid to the long and fruitful relations of the Armenians with peoples and cultures from Europe to the Far East. In particular, through historical documents, manuscripts and works of art, readers see how the Armenian presence developed in Venice and how the Armenians were seen by the Venetians in the political, economic, literary and artistic context of the Serenissima.

A special section is dedicated to the introduction of printing to Armenia in 1512: the highest froms of typographic art in the world, produced by the dense and fascinating network of the Armenian colonies, are presented here. Particular emphasis is placed on the glorious Armenian-Venetian typographic tradition, brought to its peak by the laborious and enlightened dedication of the Mechitarist Fathers.