Nagorno-Karabagh: Legal Aspects

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Nagorno-Karabagh: Legal Aspects



Author - Auteur - հեղինակ

Date - Datum - տարեթիվ

Language - Langue - Taal - Լեզու


Place - Lieu - Plaats - Տարածաշրջան

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Publisher - Editeur - Editor - Խմբագիր

“Since a proper understanding of Nagorno-Karabagh problem is complicated both by geopolitical changes and by frequent and deliberate misinterpretation and misrepresentation of Karabagh’s history and legal status, we aim at presenting a brief overview of the issue from a legal point of view and demonstrate that Nagorno-Karabagh has never been part of independent Azerbaijan. Even a brief study of the legal background of the problem provides a basis to believe that Nagorno-Karabagh, apart from its historic and cultural rights, also has full legal foundations inits claims for independence or reunification with Armenia”