Two Close Peoples Two Distant Neighbours

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Two Close Peoples Two Distant Neighbours



Author - Auteur - հեղինակ

Date - Datum - տարեթիվ

Language - Langue - Taal - Լեզու


Pages - Paginas - Էջեր


Publisher - Editeur - Editor - Խմբագիր

Hrant Dink never had a published book. He, too, used to make fun of this and say, ‘I am a writer without a book.’ Of course, this joke also points to an important fact: Hrant was a true man of action. However, as the founder and chief editor of AGOS, he contributed to the democratization process of Turkey as he developed discourses and actions on the most deeply-rooted problems of Turkey, including, most significantly, Turkish-Armenian relations.

This work, which he wrote for TESEV, is the only book he had the opportunity to finish. Here, with the common future he envisages for Turkey and Armenia, he exhibits a completely new perspective that also declares its desire to repair the past. Although the book was not published when it was first written, Hrant Dink did not care about that… The work had already been done, the labour would not be wasted. After all, there was still a lot of time to make new additions…

His labour was also his cause. Today, it is more important than ever to understand that cause.